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Coastal Comforts is a catering and personal chef company based in Santa Cruz, California, that offers a refined dining experience in the venue of your choice


Custom dining

Let's work together to create a memorable event

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Let Coastal Comforts’ versatile hosting services create the experience that will wow your guests

Our Mission

To Serve the Community

Coastal Comfort's mission is to curate custom dining experiences for our guests. With a team of expert chefs and servers, our staff is prepared to make your next event unforgettable. We are motivated by the opportunity to bring our cooking and community together. Through our dedication to feature ingredients from local vendors, we aim to provide the freshest, nutritious ingredients that will be a highlight of your next occasion.

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LOCAL TO our region

We strive to highlight some of Santa Cruz's finest farmers and ingredients for your event that will be sure to enliven your senses and help instill a sense of comfort. Let us curate, prepare, and execute an experience that will leave your guests savoring the wonders of the Central Coast.


safety is paramounT: A Note on COVID-19

Our staff will take all necessary actions to ensure they are implementing and complying with CDC recommendations. This will include: masks at all times, six foot distancing and maintaining sanitized stations. We strive to foster an environment where our guests feel as safe as possible. Upon request, our staff is willing to have rapid Covid-19 testing administered, which will allow us to report the results back to you the same day of your event. Unlike traditional restaurants, catering events can be extremely controlled environments that can be monitored and altered to your every request.

Our process

1) CONSULTATION: After your initial event inquiry, a member from our staff will contact you to set-up an event consultation. In this meeting, we will work with you personally to design and curate your entire experience, from menu to decor. Customization options are endless and with so many variables, we aim to tailor our service to match your exact needs.

2) CONFIRMATION: After menu creation and fine-tuning other details, we will send you an event contract for review. Upon approval of the contract and receipt of a deposit, we will confirm your event date.

3) EVENT: Leading up to your event, the chef who is assigned to you will reach out to introduce themselves  and answer any questions or requests you may have. At this point it's time for you to sit back and enjoy, we will be working to hard to ensure an amazing experience!

4) CONCLUSION: Following your event, the remainder of payment will be due. Before our staff leaves the premises, a thorough cleaning and sanitation will be conducted so you can assure your space will be left better than we found it.


Book IN Your HOME

Set the perfect atmosphere for your next event with Coastal Comforts' Catering and Personal Chef services.



Prepared and executed by Head Chef Evan Maine alongside our expert team of chefs

Sensational service

Trained professionals with a wide background in food & beverage

THE perfect venue

In unprecedented times, you can be in control of where you will be enjoying your meal. Allow the comfort of your home, an outdoor space, or even the beach, to serve as the venue for your next great experience.

Dining in post-2020


our head chef

quality COUNTS

"Every ingredient has a rich history and a story to tell. Southern and coastal food to me is comforting and honest. There are no secrets in where the flavors come from. If done properly the ingredients should speak for themselves"